Polycultures and Permaculture


Invitation to participate in the research project Increasing Agricultural Resilience with High-Performance Polycultures

Do you practice, research or study ecologically intensive agriculture, where the farm needs in nutrient turnover and biocontrol are primarily met by diversifying cultivated and wild plants and animals? Are you motivated to reduce farm inputs and pollution while increasing economic and environmental resilience, sustaining resident biodiversity and increasing carbon sequestration?

If yes - we invite you to  to co-develop an algorithm and software for designing crop polycultures (simultaneous cultivation of several crops on the same land), 

How to contribute?

Design and implementation of efficient crop polycultures requires collaboration between farmers, researchers, and policy makers. Therefore, your contribution is very important for us! Let’s craft together the future of agriculture systems - knowledge intensive and wise, productive and nature friendly. 

P.S. if you are interested to know more about already available databases and algorithms for designing plant polycultures – see these videos (Part 1 and Part 2).


Project coordinator Pavlo Ardanov

pavlo.ardanov gmail.com


Research and Practice Conference "Polyculures and Permaculture"

International conference on biodiversity-based agriculture and designing crop polycultures.

January 30 - February 8th 2020

Warsaw, Poland; Kyiv, Ukraine; Davis; USA

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