Network of Permaculture education and demonstration centers


Network was created in 2018 with the support of the International Visegrad Fund to represent permaculture centers, designers and experts from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The project is amied at pooling the educational resources (courses, visits, volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities), creating expert database, facilitating planting material exchange (with the accent on preserving rare and local varieties and promoting food diversity  and  biodiversity), and supporting permaculture centers by creating platform for product marketing and community investment.

Join and Contribute

Please, fill this form to present your center on the map or offer your expert or design services on this web-site. Permaculture centers must be first certified by their domestic permaculure organization (Permaculture (CS), Hungarian Permaculture AssociationPERMAKULTURA.EDU.PLPermaculture SK, NGO "Permacultrue in Ukraine").

Our international network will not function without the help of dedicated volunteers. We need the editors for the bulletin of permaculture centers, help in composing profiles of centers, with setting up the seed bank and market / investment platform for the centers, communication facilitators (admins for our Facebook page and Twitter channel; especially if you have any creative ideas how can we communicate better). And we are open for your creative ideas if you are ready to contribute to their implementation! Please, Email us (permavisegradpublic(et) or contact in Facebook messenger.


Here we share our collective advises for centers / best practices on how to organize the education courses, host volunteers, and preserve your own seeds. Please, use this link to contribute to the document with your own unique experience.


There is a number of seed stations, institutes, private collections and plant breeders, as well as seed exchange fares available. But you probably know perfectly well how difficult may it be to find the necessary seeds, plant information, and there are plenty of unpopular but extremely interesting and useful plants exist. Permaculture centers as the points of biodiversity, natural protection and regeneration should be actively involved in seed saving / exchange and it popularization. They should become the seed hubs in their regions.

Please, read instruction. You can sort entries alphabetically or filter by conditions. Select Data - Filter views - Create filler view (or press filter icon in the toolbar). Click arrow above the heading of respective column. Several filters can be applied simultaneously (e.g. show only drought-tolerant plants for certain layer or with some extra characteristics). Please, contact the owner and agree on delivery (payed by receiver) and exchange conditions.


Here you can see the international events (courses, open days, festivals) organized by permaculture centers. Please, check also the national calendars of permaculture and related events in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Permaculture centers are advised to create and share their international events at our international facebook page.

News and communication

Please, follow most recent news on our facebook page. Subscribe to our google group (Email list) to receive the monthly bulletin of permaculture centers. And follow us on Twitter (#PermaVisegrad)!

For permaculture centers: please, join this closed Facebook group to discuss the issues and get advises from your fellow centers. Please, join also this closed google group (Email list) for permaculture centers to receive an internal announcements. And fill this form to share your news and opportunities for the monthly bulletin.

Designers and experts

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Dear permaculture centers, please, offer your product and services via this section. Please, send your offers to page administrators if you can not upload it yourself.



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